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* Minimum Booking / Surcharges.  

For all Wedding dates there is  a minimum booking requirement of Bride plus three others.

There will be a surcharge of £30 for Bridal hair and  £30 for Bridal make-up where the Wedding Day is on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. Mileage to the venue will be charged at £15.00 for the first hour, then 45p per mile for hair (from HR3 6EA) and make up (from HR9 7TH)  thereafter.

There will also be a surcharge of £10 for a change of location mid styling. This applies for hair and for make up.


* Cancellations.  In the event of a cancellation, for any reason, there may be a cancellation charge made against the outstanding balance agreed during the trial. Up to six weeks prior to Wedding date 50%, two to four weeks 75%, less than two weeks 100%


* Once you have indicated your acceptance of our initial estimate, we will let you have a complete listing of  Wedding prices and the Holistic treatments available to you, together with a  Booking & Deposit Form.

Dates are only confirmed upon our receipt of deposit and booking form.


For more information, you may contact Le Glow Beautiful Brides by telephone, e-mail or letter using the information on this page.


Please note that the telephone is not manned 24 hours, but an answer machine service is provided when no-one is available, which will be responded to as soon as possible.

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Brides & Clients


Email: doreen@leglow.co.uk

Phone:  (01989) 750932

Mobile 07976 375348

Press & Corporate Enquiries


Email:  info@leglow.co.uk

Phone:  (07976) 375348

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Please complete enquiry form as fully as possible and select "Submit".

We will reply as soon as we can with availability and your personal estimate.

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